Light Up Your Data

How Cascade Informatics can help you light up your drug discovery data.

There are several areas where Cascade Informatics can help you optimize the ever-increasing amounts of data coming into your company.

Migrating data from a legacy informatics platform to a new one.

A lab who just acquired a new informatics platform is never starting with no data.  Whether legacy data is:

a) being consolidated from different platforms to a new one
b) exists in a single, less-capable platform or
c) only exists in a collection of folders and files, 

Cascade Informatics can help you distill it and migrate it into your new system.  

Optimizing an existing system.

If you have a platform in place but would like to reorganize it, clean it up and utilize new features in the software, Cascade Informatics can provide consulting services to help you take advantage of the system already in place.

Loading incoming data as it arrives from collaborators or contract research organizations.

Many labs are generating so much information that they can’t keep up with loading it (or they have more important duties that take precedence over data entry).  Cascade Informatics can monitor a site for new assay results or entities to register as they come in and load them quickly and consistently so that you can get right to making the important decisions of drug discovery.

Contact us for more information about what we can do to help you fully utilize your chemical and biological informatics platform.